There are many impactful ways to tell your audience that you’re using what3words. See how other brands – from global car companies and delivery providers to e-commerce sites and taxi fleets – are doing it.


Landing pages and websites are a key place to explain what what3words is and how your customers can use it. DHL Parcel UK made this landing page packed with information for customers who are sending or receiving parcels.

The page features this epic stunt film too.

Social media posts

Use the power of social media to amplify your message. UK Power Networks encouraged its audience to download what3words in this Tweet.

News Articles

A press release gets journalists excited about your partnership with what3words, and may even get picked up by a leading media company, like this Lamborghini and what3words piece in the New York Times.


Billboards are a great way to grab attention. As a part of a winter driving campaign, this billboard featuring The AA and what3words reminded drivers that they can give a what3words address to roadside assistance teams.

Vehicle wraps and liveries

If your company has vehicles, a custom livery is an eye-catching way for pedestrians and passers-by to notice your brand. Sherbet Electric Taxis wrapped a vehicle ahead of the Jubilee weekend to tell Londoners it accepts what3words addresses.

Demo films

Aramex put what3words to the ultimate test in this daring stunt film. The adrenaline-fuelled video embodies the spirit of Aramex and its commitment to delivering to a precise location, no matter how remote or complex.

Push notifications

What better way to inform your customers of exciting new product announcements than using push notifications. After integrating what3words, DPD UK sent an app notification to millions of users about its partnership with what3words.


Sending a newsletter is a great way to update customers that you’re now using what3words. Boohoo sent this newsletter to around 2.5 million accounts to announce that its customers can now add a what3words address at checkout.


A striking way to get people to notice your new partnership is through a physical activation. Mercedes-Benz displayed a 3D what3words address at its global training venue.


Events are the perfect place to demonstrate the use of what3words, as precise entrances and unaddressed meeting points can be hard to communicate. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland included what3words addresses on signs around the park and even created a shared list of key locations that attendees could follow.


Videos are an engaging way to announce a partnership, and really help to visualise how what3words works in your product, platform or app. This 7-Eleven Vietnam video does just that.

Create your own

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