It’s human nature to attach meaning and emotion to the places that are significant to us, and we love that people have started creating products with 3 word addresses. This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing makers and creatives that thought them up, here’s a round-up of our favourites.

1. Personalised prints

Looking for a nice print to decorate your home? Printmaker Emma Jacks makes customisable 3 word address prints in quite a few colour combinations. The frame in the picture is not included, but we love and use this white frame by eFrames.

Get your 3 word address print for £20 

2. Custom-made bracelets

Hand-crafted in Brighton, UK, this customisable bracelet is made from Tagua nut and waxed cotton. Tagua nut is also known as vegetable ivory, as it has all the properties of ivory but is totally cruelty-free. Every bracelet is unique, and you can add a 3 word address on one side and a hidden message on the other. LifeLessOrdinaryCo, the makers behind the scenes, also make a donation to ‘Indigo Volunteers’ for each bracelet sold.

Get your Tagua nut bracelet for £19

3. Personalised bracelets

Butler & Grace personalise jewellery with names, phrases or sentimental 3 word addresses. This all started when they were approached by a customer with an odd request: could they engrave three random, completely unrelated words? They just had to ask why, and the customer explained that it was the “what3words address” for the park bench where he met his girlfriend. He wanted to order his and hers bracelets to remind them of that exact spot.

Get your bracelet from £12.50

Personalised jewellery with a 3 word address

4. Custom-made fine jewellery

London-based jewellery designer Rebecca Allton from Silver Realm Jewellery was asked to create a necklace with the 3 word address for a special location. Since then, she’s designed bespoke five pieces of silver jewellery that can be engraved with a 3 word address. A sky blue topaz ring, a bangle with two peridot gems and a spinner ring are currently being made, and an ID bracelet and a country/state necklace pendant are in the planning phases. Watch this space for more information.

3 word address sculpture by Graeme Mitcheson

5. Personalised sculptures

We were pleasantly surprised one day when sculptor Graeme Mitcheson posted this 3 word address sculpture on Twitter. It was a present for his sister-in-law’s birthday: without her knowing, he worked out the spot in her garden where she was likely to put it, found its 3 word address, then hand-carved it onto the stone. Graeme can be commissioned to create a custom sculpture and can be contacted through his website.

6. Personalised bottle openers

Did you know that you can order a bottle opener keyring engraved with your 3 word address on Etsy. Great for finding your front door after an afternoon at the park.

Buy your bottle opener for £17.35

7. 3 word address signs

You can order custom laser engraved signs from the what3words sign shop. From our signature red to a cool stainless steel, there are lots of colours and finishes to choose from. The 3 word addresses can be in any of the 36+ languages what3words supports.

Get your 3 word address sign from £8


Are you a maker or designer?

Do you have a product idea or design that could work with a 3 word address or the what3words brand? Download our brand design assets and email our team at support@what3words.com. We welcome all creative ideas and would love to know more about yours.

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