Top Gear’s Christmas Special is coming soon and you can follow the trio’s adventures with what3words.

For their latest episode, Paddy, Freddie and Chris have tagged their journey in Nepal with what3words addresses so that viewers can track their exact filming locations. Check out the full gallery below and click the links to find out exactly where their travels took them. 

Tune into Top Gear’s Christmas Special at 9pm, 29th December, BBC Two.

Man sitting on car bonnet at 3 words address Karate.Jackfruit.Mandarins
2 cars on the road at 3 words address Suntan.Raced.Agitating
Car in mountainous landscape at 3 words location Snow.Shortest.Speedometer
Man lifting basket of food at 3 words location Behind.Redirection.Party
Cars stuck and surrounded by a heard of goats at 3 words address Behind.Redirection.Party