Heal is a new charity dedicated to establishing places where wildlife can thrive unhindered and where regenerating soil, plants and trees can help to make British landscapes more environmentally friendly. It has launched an innovative fundraising initiative, Heal 3x3, inspired by what3words.

Heal’s aim is to identify areas of land in strategic locations for rewilding. Its initial fundraising efforts will be put towards purchasing a fully enclosed foundation project occupying around 500 acres in the South of England in the next two years. ‘Heal South’ will become the blueprint for subsequent locations around the country.

The charity has taken a novel approach to raising funds, which it is calling ‘Heal 3×3.’ For every £20 an individual pledges towards the project, a 3m square of land will be rewilded into meadow, scrub, woodland, wetland or water. What’s more, what3words addresses will be randomly allocated to all donors so people know exactly where to find their Heal 3×3 square when the site opens to the public. Once Heal South is open to visitors, people can simply use our app to get directions to their Heal 3×3 square hassle-free.

Find out how you can support Heal and follow the natural restoration of your own Heal 3×3 square here.