‘There is one unique 3 word address for everywhere in not only New Zealand, but globally. That is pretty damn awesome.’

We’re delighted to introduce you to Sam Vernon, our first official ambassador. Sam is a leading GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technical expert in New Zealand, specialising in telecommunications. GIS technology is a tool for gathering, analysing and visualising geographic data.

Sam is bringing what3words to New Zealand

Sam is helping telecoms companies in New Zealand become more efficient by introducing them to 3 word addresses. Fast internet access for everyone, everywhere, has become a necessity, especially for growing economies. At present some of New Zealand’s more remote and rural areas lack mobile phone coverage, adequate internet connectivity and even addresses. This is most apparent in remote rural communities and tourist destinations, like national parks.

Sam’s role meant that he needed to communicate the exact location of existing mobile phone towers, and locations where new towers would be set up. Addresses don’t exist for these places, and he noticed that GPS coordinates were time-consuming to note down. Mistakes could be made as they were shared between organisations and teams working in these rural areas, sending people off to the wrong locations.

+51.5073219 -0.1276474 vs ///table.spoon.chair

As a what3words ambassador, Sam had the knowledge and enthusiasm to present 3 word addresses to his colleagues as a solution, and he had an answer for every location. Telecoms companies quickly realised the efficiency benefits of using accurate and human-friendly 3 word addresses, and now Sam is leading the task of recording 3 word addresses for mobile phone towers across the country. This means that service providers will be able to easily find and install each tower at the right location, and locate them easily when maintenance is due.

Who are what3words ambassadors?

We are lucky to have many passionate fans who enjoy spreading the word about our system, and are enthusiastic to help us make our products the most useful they can be. what3words ambassadors are sharing their expert knowledge to help people benefit from an easier way to talk about location. With special insight into how we work as well as the opportunity to talk to other members of our community, they get to see our newest products pre-launch and give us important feedback on how to improve our services. Of course, they receive exclusive  perks on all our latest products & partner promotions 🙂

Every month we will be featuring someone from the what3words community in our newsletter. Whether you have invented 100 new ways of using a 3 word address or were the first in your neighbourhood to have a sign on your door, share your story with us for a chance to be our fan of the month.

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