From waste management platforms to taxi dispatch systems, software makers are integrating what3words into their technology to make it easier to enter, find, save and share precise locations. Here are some of the latest tech companies that have improved their customer experience, diversified their offering and increased their marketing exposure by adding what3words to their products, all through a quick and easy integration process.


This shipping management program accepts precise what3words addresses to help their business customers optimise their deliveries.

‘Partnering with what3words has been fantastic! We’ve diversified our product, helped make deliveries more accurate, and through co-marketing we’ve opened up access to a new range of customers too!’

~ Rita Jenkins, Head of Partnerships, Shiptheory

Point of Rental

This rental software solution makes it easy for customers to find delivery and collection locations.

‘It’s the perfect solution for our many customers that work on sites with no addresses. Integrating was easy with the developer portal and the partnership team’s help every step of the way.’

~ Matt Foster, Product Manager, Point of Rental


Optrak provides route optimisation software to transport managers. It has integrated what3words to increase delivery efficiency.

‘Integrating what3words into our builds was really simple and straightforward . From development and testing to deployment, it took less than a day!

~ Tim Pigden, MD, Optrak


This courier software solution supports what3words to improve efficiency throughout the delivery process.

‘what3words offers unparalleled accuracy when it comes to locating delivery addresses. This has proven to be a significant advantage for our customers, allowing them to deliver faster and more efficiently than ever before.’

~ Becky O’Connor, Account Director, Metafour


This waste management platform has integrated what3words so assets are easy to locate accurately.

‘Efficiency is key to the recycling sector. what3words allows operators to precisely locate collection and disposal points where a traditional address is not sufficient.’

~ Jason Fazackerley, CEO, Tegos


MaxOptra uses what3words to optimise delivery routes.

‘At MaxOptra, we consider ourselves to be the leaders in delivery innovation. The MaxOptra and what3words integration means businesses can provide the most accurate and reliable delivery service possible .’

~ Sanjay Gandhi, MD, MaxOptra


This car hire and taxi dispatch software’s users can locate pick-up spots precisely with what3words.

‘Getting lost trying to find a meet-up or arriving late and stressed is frustrating. We have enabled what3words addresses in our systems so that our community can find exactly where they need to be with no confusion.’

~ Idris Davies, CEO, Cordic