Luke Mears, Group Product Manager at what3words, announces the new and improved what3words watchOS app that makes it even easier for users to find, share and navigate to precise locations.

What’s new?

We’ve redesigned the look and feel of the what3words app designed for the Apple Watch (WatchOS) to make it simpler and easy to use.

Here’s what the app does and how you can start using it today:

Access your saved locations

You have full access to all of your saved locations directly from your watch. Whether it’s stops along a hike or restaurant recommendations in a new city, you can select any saved location on the go. Just make sure that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone.

Save new what3words addresses

You can save any new locations you want to remember using your watch. When the what3words address is on your watch screen, tap the 3 dots and select ‘Save’ and then select the list you want to add it to. Again, make sure your iPhone is in range of your watch – you’ll get a message pop up if you need to reconnect your phone.

Navigate using Compass Mode

Get directions to any what3words location by using Compass Mode. Simply tap the compass icon underneath the what3words address and follow the arrow. It’s perfect for locations that are within walking distance.

If you prefer to use Apple Maps or your destination is a little further away, scroll down and select your mode of transport and you’ll get directions using the Apple Maps app.

Search using voice

When you’re out and about, it’s not always convenient to type out your destination. With voice input, it’s really easy to search for any what3words location wherever you are. Just tap search and say the 3 words. Our AutoSuggest technology will give you intelligent suggestions that you can pick from, ensuring you always get the address you need.

View your current what3words location

You can also share your current what3words location with a contact, or save the location so you can find it easily another time.

The GPS accuracy of your location will be briefly displayed on your watch. This is to give you confidence in the location shown and display a warning message when the GPS accuracy changes dramatically.

How do I download it to my Apple Watch?

If you’ve installed the what3words app onto your iPhone and you have a connected Apple Watch, by default the watchOS app will install itself. If it’s not there, it might be that the automatic download has been switched off. If this is the case, manually add it via the ‘Watch’ app on your iPhone or by going to the app store on your watch and searching for ‘what3words’. If you need any support visit Apple’s FAQs .

See it in action