Hi everybody! I’m Ricardo Lopez, or "Buzz" to my friends (haha), from Mexico City. Ten years ago I got involved in trail running and I’d like to share with you some 3 word addresses from two of my favorite places to run and hike – Nevada de Toluca and Desierto de los Leones. Both are pretty close to the city and are really popular with local runners.

Ascent to Nevado de Toluca volcano crater

Nevado de Toluca is an inactive volcano 80kms from Mexico City and its surroundings are also a National Park. There are plenty of trees at the bottom and then arid terrain at the top. You can walk or jog to the crater at the top and enjoy breathtaking views over the valley on the way up. Here are some special locations on the trail at around 4,000 meters above sea level. Here are my top 3 word addresses:

A grassy hill leading to a forest in the valley

1. The valley

You get gorgeous views of the valley from here on a sunny day.

Find this at ///officer.activists.noiseless

Mountain background with person running on path

2. A view from the top

From here you can see the dramatic walls of the crater.

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An offroad pathway with surrounding fields and forests

3. The arid landscape

This is the point where the forest ends and the arid landscape starts.

Find this at ///rocked.lace.untied

A high off-road pathway on a sunny day

4. Reach the sky

As you make your way to the crater of the inactive volcano, you feel like you reach the sky!

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Desierto de los Leones

This is a National Park within the limits of Mexico City. There are plenty of trail roads for walking or running and also a paved road through it. You can choose from many paths in the forest with gorgeous views. Here are my top 3 word addresses:

A forest covered landscape on a sunny day

5. 3000 meters above sea level

A spot right between the paved road and a cliff with a great view of the valley.

Find this at ///dare.blessing.hill


Forest area with no proper path

6. Top secret

Here you can find a hidden path that goes uphill between wooden fences.

Find this at ///dull.tramps.recovery

forest path blocked by fallen tree trunk

7. Where the wild things grow

You find nature everywhere on the trails, like this big tree blocking the path!

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