The what3words logo can be downloaded and used everywhere you communicate about us. The logo pack contains EPS, PNG and SVG files for print and screen, in various colours options. For enquiries, contact design@what3words.com

The what3words logo, symbol & badges



There is a minimum clear space around all logo variations. Do not place any text, or graphic elements within.

Clear space
Symbol – use 1⁄3 of the symbol height to measure clear space.
Horizontal & vertical logos – use the number ‘3’ as clear space.

Minimum sizes
Symbol – 4.1mm
Horizontal Logo – 25mm width Vertical Logo – 20mm width

what3words ‘Search for the free app’ badge

search for the free what3words app button in black
search for the free what3words app button in white with black text

what3words ‘Now accepting’ and we’re now usingbadge

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