From beautiful leather travel diaries by Bookshell Bindery, to hand-embroidered jumpers by Read Receipts, or simple but sweet stationery by HoneyTree and pencils by Nametape Express.

Personalised greeting card with a what 3 words address printed on

Personalised card or stationery

Beautiful stationery is the key to many hearts and now you can customise it with a what3words address. Plus you get 10% off with the discount code ‘3words‘. Somerset-based HoneyTree publishing, founded by Lizbeth and Sebastian, produces artful stationery, beautiful and bespoke, sent with love. Materials are carefully selected with an eye on sustainability.

Personalised sweatshirt with a what 3 words address sewn on

Personalised embroidered jumper

USA-based Chantal from Read Receipts can make you your very own cool sweatshirt with a what3words address. Find the 3 words address for the bench you shared your first kiss on or the front door of your first home and she’ll hand embroider it onto one of her signature grey sweatshirts. You can choose from black, dark red, brown, tangerine, blue, red, green and purple thread.

Personalised signpost with what 3 words addresses printed on

Personalised signpost print

Pay tribute to your most cherished memories with a unique framed print featuring personalised wooden engraved signposts. Made by Matt and Emily, the makers behind No Ordinary Gift, each signpost can include the what3words address as well as date. With five arrows to customise, there’s room for plenty of your favourite moments shared as a couple, family or friends.

Personalised sunglass case with a what 3 words address printed on

Personalised sunglasses case

The sun may not be shining yet, but we are optimists and this what3words-engraved sunglasses case is a practical gift and keepsake in one. Made by JJ Handmade Gifts, it is only one example of the many products you could engrave with a what3words address. The makers behind this, college sweethearts Josie and James, run an engraving studio and source high-quality raw materials to turn them into products. This case comes in brown, dark brown, red and black.

personalised travel journal and binoculars with a what 3 words address imprinted on

Personalised travel journal

A good journal that travels well is a gift that can never go wrong – and now you can emboss yours with a favourite 3 word address. Bookshell Bindery, also known as Zoe and David in Cornwall, are the brains behind this what3words address travel journal and many other beautiful personalised gifts. With a heavy focus on quality leathers and papers, they pride themselves on using the same tools and materials which master bookbinders have used over the last two centuries.

Personalised pencil box and pencils with a what 3 words address engraved on

Personalised pencils

These pencils remind us of those sweet innocent days and would look great on any desk. Plus, you might know the perfect person to gift these what3words pencils to. These are available in popcorn pink, ocean blue, glacier white, piano black, bright purple, navy blue, crimson red, lilac or aquamarine.

Personalised camera strap with a what 3 words address imprinted on

Personalised camera strap

A great gift for photography lovers who like to capture a special moment – a camera strap you can emboss with a address. Jonathan Hyde, the designer and maker behind Hyde Wares discovered the art of leather crafting whilst living in Portugal. Now based in Brighton, England, he designs covetable leather items that would stand the test of time and grow with their owners. Check out the full range – they would all look pretty awesome with a what3words address.

Personalised spoon with a what 3 words address engraved on

Personalised pewter bee spoon

Handstamp this bee spoon with a what3words address as a sweet little memento. Handmade by Ed Glover from Glover and Smith, this dainty spoon is made from lead-free pewter – an eco-friendly, non-tarnishing, recyclable metal, safe to use with food and easy to care for. Simple, low energy making techniques mean each piece has a very low carbon footprint.

Personalised ethical bracelet with a what 3 words address engraved on

Custom-made bracelets

What’s not to love about this sweet ethical bracelet? Hand-crafted in Brighton, this customisable bracelet is made from Tagua nut and waxed cotton. Tagua nut is also known as vegetable ivory, as it has all the properties of ivory but is totally cruelty-free. Every bracelet is unique, and you can add a 3 word address on one side and a hidden message on the other. Life Less Ordinary, the makers behind the scenes, also make a donation to ‘Indigo Volunteers’ for each bracelet sold.

Two personalised calligraphy prints in a frame with a what 3 words address printed on

Custom-made foil print

Sometimes all you need is beautiful lettering, a bit of bling, and three poetic words. Calligrapher and designer Milly will hand write and foil your very special what3words address in silver, gold, rose gold, copper teal or pink in her Bournemouth studio. Check out Blink Lettering’s Instagram if you are a calligraphy enthusiast like us.

Personalised mug with a what 3 words address printed on

Personalised what3words mug

Wake up with a warm, cosy cup of tea in this ceramic mug hand-etched with a what3words address. Founded by Kristian & Becky in 2009, Becky Broom is a small, close-knit team designing bespoke gifts and home accessories that even those hard to please will love to receive. Each and every item is etched by hand, to order. Enter the word ‘special’ into the personalisation box, and then email customer service at customerservices@beckybroome.com with your what3words request.

Personalised bracelet with a what 3 words address engraved on

Custom-made fine jewellery

You can never go wrong gifting a beautiful custom-made piece of what3words fine jewellery. London-based jewellery designer Rebecca Allton from Silver Realm Jewellery was asked to create a necklace with the 3 word address for a special location. Since then, she’s designed four bespoke pieces of silver jewellery that can be engraved with a 3 word address: a bangle with two peridot gems, an ID bracelet, a ring and a country/state necklace pendant.