A new plugin for Adobe Lightroom is helping photographers save and share the precise locations of photos using 3 word addresses and more.

Beautiful viewpoints and hidden spots can be tough to find in the absence of addresses, directions or reference points. It can be difficult to return to special locations and to tell family, friends and followers where exactly they are.

This is why more and more photographers and bloggers are tagging, saving and sharing their favorite locations using what3words, and now Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom plugin, Geoencoding Support, is making this easier.


Travel photographer, Conor Macneill (aka @thefella) uses what3words to share his magnificent experiences and make them more accessible to his followers.

“As a landscape photographer, my photos are often taken in remote locations. This is why I love the what3words plugin for Lightroom. I can easily find and share the exact spot I was standing in when I captured my images.” – Conor Macneill @thefella

The Geoencoding Support plugin means that photographers can now:

  • Add a 3 word address to a photo file
  • View a photo’s exact location using what3words
  • Change the language of a photo’s 3 word address

These features can be used in any what3words-supported language. To get started, check out our basic guide to what3words in Lightroom.