Case Studies

Partner: Accessible drone delivery with what3words and Hylio

US-based drone manufacturer Hylio has integrated what3words into their drones, allowing delivery companies to offer their customers delivery to a simple 3 word address.
23/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Exploring the great outdoors with what3words and Locus Map

Locus Map is the perfect app for anyone who loves exploring, whether they’re on foot, on a bike, or on a boat. 3 word addresses are now searchable in the app, and it will also recognise a 3 word address stored on the user’s clipboard.
22/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Hassle-free adventures with what3words and The Wayward Post

3 word addresses are now displayed alongside each place mentioned in Wayward Post’s online travel guides.
21/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Finding the fish with what3words and has partnered with what3words to give fishing enthusiasts an easy way to find over 170 lakes, many of which are found way off the beaten track and can be hard to locate.
17/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Exploring Central Asia & Mongolia with what3words and Indy Guide

Indy Guide is the largest community marketplace for local guides in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. With what3words integration, travelling abroad is easier than ever before.
16/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Smarter location scouting with what3words and Location Works

UK-based scout, Location Works, has sourced locations for Oscar-winning films such as ‘The Theory of Everything’ as well as numerous popular BBC and ITV series. Integrating what3words has made their process more user-friendly, both for themselves and their clients.
15/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: 3 words to the doorstep with Zoobashop

By integrating what3words, Ghana's largest online retailer can deliver goods more efficiently, keeping logistics costs in check.
15/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Finding hidden gems with what3words and Pearlshare

Whether a holidaymaker, a travel host or a tourism business, Pearlshare lets individuals create bespoke travel guides. To help improve this user experience, Pearlshare has teamed up with what3words.
15/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Djibouti is the 5th country to adopt what3words as national postal addressing system

East African nation is first in the region to adopt what3words as an addressing standard for their postal service.
14/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: On-demand deliveries in Costa Rica with what3words and GoPato

Costa Rican on-demand courier GoPato have integrated what3words into their Facebook app so that customers can place orders using simple 3 word addresses to specify precise pick-up and delivery locations, accurate to 3m x 3m
09/02/2017/by Dom
Tonga Post & what3words

Partner: Tonga adopts what3words as national postal addressing system

Tonga Post, serving 36 islands in the South Pacific, has adopted 3 word addresses to improve national infrastructure.
05/02/2017/by giles

Partner: Land Rover partners with what3words to take off-road driving in a new direction with the ARDHI app

Land Rover has partnered with what3words to bring precise 3 word addresses to their off-road driving smartphone app, ARDHI.
01/02/2017/by Dom

Partner: Relaxing at luxury serviced residences with what3words and The Ascott Limited

The world’s largest serviced residence group, The Ascott Limited, offers luxury living throughout the globe.
31/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Rapid response with what3words and Infinitum Humanitarian Systems

In a disaster-struck area, rapid response becomes a crucial factor, particularly in preventing a disease outbreak.
30/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Driving the future with what3words and Next Future Transportation

what3words has partnered with Next, to provide the precise 3 word addresses required for accurate collection and delivery points on their smart, autonomous modules.
30/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: User-friendly drone services with what3words and Overscout

The addition of what3words to Overscout's online platform means communicating waypoints and areas of operation for drone missions is more efficient and user-friendly.
30/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Putting Mongolia on the map with what3words and Minu Map

Minu Map provides a detailed online map of Mongolia, making up for the poor quality of data supplied by services such as Google or OpenStreetMap.
30/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: 3 words on your wrist with what3words and BLOCKS

BLOCKS smartwatch wearers can now display their precise 3 word address location on the watch and share that information with near 100% accuracy.
27/01/2017/by Dom

User story: 3 words to coordinate runs in the Himalayas

Neil Horning explains how 3 word addresses are helping the The Himalayan Hash House Harriers plan their runs
26/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Smarter route planning with what3words and Speedy Route

Speedy Route optimises route planning for trips with multiple destinations. Users can now plot routes using what3words, improving location accuracy to any destination in the world.
25/01/2017/by Dom

User story: A 3 word address paper hunt around Tokyo

Inspired by their recent trip, what3words user Alex Even has created a ‘Paper Hunt’ guide to Tokyo, featuring the 3 word addresses of the bookshops, stationers and art supply stores that won her heart.
25/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Drone deliveries to everyone with what3words and Copter Express

Copter Express has developed a range of delivery drones to help make UAV delivery available to everyone. By integrating what3words into their software, they now has a human-friendly way of sharing locations.
24/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: An island addressed with what3words and Postal Services Sint Maarten

The what3words tide continues to gather strength, as the island nation of Sint Maarten adopts 3 word addresses for its mail and delivery services, and to improve its national infrastructure.
18/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Validating identities with what3words and Bluenumber

BlueView searches have been enhanced through what3words integration, allowing users to associate their unique Bluenumber to an equally unique 3 word address.
04/01/2017/by Dom

Partner: Identifying disaster zones with what3words and the Philippine Red Cross

Millions of people affected by natural disaster receive better emergency response and aid deliveries after the Philippine Red Cross begins to use 3 word addresses.
29/12/2016/by giles

Partner: Precision piloting with what3words and UAVenture

Delivering anything by drone needs addressing that’s precise enough to specify as a landing point, and simple enough for a customer to use and share.
20/12/2016/by Dom

Grab an early Christmas gift with what3words and giffgaff

Christmas comes early for a few lucky prize winners, thanks to a festive treasure hunt from giffgaff and a sprinkling of 3 word address magic, courtesy of what3words.
19/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Hexagon Geospatial integrates what3words into its Hexagon Smart M.App platform

In the Hexagon Smart M.App platform, 3 word addresses can be easily displayed for any coordinate in any dataset, or entered in the search bar to locate a specific point on a map.
16/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Côte d’Ivoire adopts what3words as addressing system

what3words, the multi-award winning addressing system, has been adopted as an addressing standard for La Poste, the Côte d'Ivoire’s national postal system.
08/12/2016/by Dom

3 words coming to a screen near you

3 word addresses are being increasingly used in TV, film and photography - both behind the camera and on centre stage.
05/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Delivering the goods with what3words and Source Supplies

Source Supplies provide commercial cleaning and hygiene products and services to many different types of businesses including. With what3words integrated into their route planning systems, every delivery is straightforward.
02/12/2016/by Dom

Partner: Hassle-free home letting with what3words and Airsorted

Renting your place to holiday guests used to be complex and time consuming. To help make things even easier, Airsorted has integrated what3words into their on-boarding service.
02/12/2016/by Dom


The sleepy French town of Montargis is now on the world map for being home to the first business to name itself after its own 3 word address.
30/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Addressing inequality with what3words and Gateway Health Institute

The Gateway Health Institute is a South African non-profit organisation, working to solve pressing global health and development challenges.
30/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: 3 words on track with what3words and Manor Racing

As part of their “Fast Companies Series” initiative, Manor Racing partnered with what3words for the Formula 1 Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2016.
25/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Smarter city searches with what3words and City of Ulaanbaatar

Whether you’re looking for local health facilities, maintaining a row of street lights, or trying to find a government building in the City of Ulaanbaatar, your first port of call should be the city’s own public service map.
22/11/2016/by Dom

Navigating with a 3 word twist

Check out our favourite 3 word address-friendly apps for navigating the world beyond your doorstep.
17/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Watching the Earth with what3words and GEOSS

GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is a platform offering coordinated Earth observation data systems, allowing people to search across 200 million resources.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Cracking the geo-code with what3words and Geo-System

Whether you’re a resident, a business or a tourist of Poland, it’s likely that you’ve used a geoportal operated and managed by Geo-System Poland.
16/11/2016/by Dom

Partner: Supporting the visually impaired with what3words and Seeing Assistant Move

According to the World Health Organisation, there are 285 million people around the world who are blind or visually impaired.
16/11/2016/by Dom
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