Burgers where you want them: what3words teams up with Honest Burgers to deliver to Clapham Common

Level-up your traditional picnic with food delivered to your picnic blanket.

Three words are all it takes to get your burgers delivered. Next weekend, and ongoing throughout the Indian summer until October 4th, those enjoying the sun on Clapham Common will be able to dine al-Fresco, ordering Honest Burgers directly to their picnic blanket by giving their what3words address at no extra cost.

Now there’s no need to stand in a queue, or even stand up at all, to enjoy a delicious Honest burger and rosemary chips.  It’s the perfect solution for meeting up with friends outdoors and still be able to enjoy great food in a socially distanced setting.

what3words has divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares and labelled each one with three words from the dictionary – a what3words address. For example, ///ready.showed.entire will take you to the exact front door of Honest Burgers Clapham branch, and ///boost.tins.jumps takes you to the water fountain near Venn street.

When? 12:00pm to sunset from 17th September and throughout the Indian summer until 4th October.

Where? To order to the Common, you must be within approx. 400 metres of Honest Burgers’ Clapham restaurant which is at 75 Venn Street, SW4 0BD, ///ready.showed.entire

How? Search for “Honest Burgers on the Common” on Facebook messenger. After you tap “Get started” and “I’m on the Common” in the chat, you will receive a link to discover your what3words address. When you have clicked the link, press the locate button on the right-hand side, switch to satellite mode, and choose the exact location of your picnic blanket.

Share your what3words address and place your order via paypal in the chat. Delivery is free. The Honest Burgers team will then bring your order to your exact picnic spot!

Watch this video for more help finding a what3words address:

Giles Rhys Jones, CMO of what3words added, ‘The same three words that you give your mates to meet at, you can give to Honest Burgers for delivery anywhere on the Common next weekend. Sit back, relax and enjoy the last rays of summer with an epic burger in hand, and without having to leave your picnic blanket. It’s great to see how creative people are being with our tech. From movie scouts to what3words beer named after the place it was brewed to tattoos of meaningful places – all are carving out individual and unique ways to use us.’

Tom Barton, Honest Burgers co-founder said, “what3words is such a genius concept… we jumped at the chance when we realised we could work together. With their help we can deliver burgers to customers wherever they are on the Common without having to know anything about them. Hopefully this takes off and we can bring it to more restaurants and nearby parks soon.”