It’s crucial to know exactly where a package or meal should be dropped off when fulfilling contact-free deliveries. Inaccurate addresses lead to avoidable contact between customers and couriers, packages being dropped off at the wrong locations, and longer time spent outdoors by vulnerable or self-isolating customers.

Inaccurate addresses complicate deliveries: when entering a street address into Google Maps, a pin will typically drop anywhere on the building or postcode, rather than an exact location.

Large building with lots of entrances

what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations
Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. So it’s easy for people to say exactly where they’d like a courier to leave their package, and for the courier to navigate there.

Adopt what3words addresses for deliveries
To make your deliveries truly contact-free and as smooth as possible for everyone involved, give customers the option to use what3words addresses to say exactly where they want their deliveries.


checkout page with what3words input functionality

Customers find and share a what3words address
They can use the free what3words app or website to find the precise what3words address for the safe place, entrance or delivery area they want to retrieve their package from. They write the what3words address in the delivery instructions at checkout or in an additional what3words field.

Drivers use what3words addresses in the last mile
When they get close to the delivery address, they enter the what3words address into the free what3words app using text, voice or scan, navigate to that exact 3m square and leave the package there.

This means deliveries are more time-efficient, social distancing guidelines are observed and drivers and customers stay safe.

For more information on how best to use what3words for contact-free deliveries, please get in touch here.