Canadian emergency services are using what3words to locate callers | what3words

Help Canadian emergency services find you faster by learning to share your what3words address.

How to share a what3words address with emergency services

Using the free what3words app

Open the app and tap the Locate Me icon. The what3words address for your current location will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Read out the three words to your emergency call taker. For example if you’re at ///index.home.raft simply say: ‘My what3words address is index home raft’

The emergency service will use the what3words address to see exactly where you are and send help.

The what3words app works offline – ideal for areas with unreliable data connection.

What is what3words?

what3words has divided the globe into 3m squares and given each one a unique three word identifier. It means any precise location can be communicated with just three words. For example ///lashes.candlelit.earned, will take you to the main pier at Clear Lake Marina, Riding Mountain National Park.
As well as the free app for iOS and Android, what3words is available online at

Which services in my state are using what3words?

The following Canadian emergency services have confirmed they are using and accepting what3words addresses:

  • The City of Brandon -Manitoba Provincial 911 and Police Dispatch (Manitoba)
  • Winnipeg Police Service (Manitoba)
  • Bathurst Police Force (New Brunswick)
  • Halifax Regional Police (Nova Scotia)
  • Halton Police (Ontario)
  • Oshawa Fire Service (Ontario)
  • Waterloo Police Service (Ontario)
  • North Vancouver RCMP (British Columbia)
  • Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo – 911 Dispatch (Alberta)
  • Ville de Mont Tremblant Fire and Emergency Services (Québec)

If your local service isn’t on this list, you can reach out and ask them if they’ve heard of what3words.

Remember: always gather as much location information as you can in an emergency in case what3words addresses aren’t accepted.

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