Olli is a self-driving shuttle built by Local Motors and enhanced by IBM Watson. The #AccessibleOlli project is finding ways for people with disabilities or impaired mobility to benefit from the autonomous vehicles of the future.


what3words technology has now been built into #AccessibleOlli, allowing passengers to simply say three words to navigate to any 3m x 3m square in the world. what3words is optimised for voice input, and uses error prevention and an AutoSuggest feature to improve input accuracy.

“what3words helps us account for both user error and voice recognition error,” commented Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors. “Because the system ensures similar sounding addresses are hundreds of miles away from one another it’s easy for Olli to spot mistakes. If the passenger makes a mistake with one of the words, or if Olli mishears them it uses the vehicle’s location to offer up a likely alternative to a suspected error. So not only are people able to direct Olli to the exact entrance or drop-off point they need, they can also count on Olli to fix their mistakes.”