The beauty of the great outdoors is how wild and remote it can feel. To be miles away from cities and roads, and immerse yourself in nature. Outdoor enthusiasts may love the idea of ‘losing themselves in the landscape’, but getting lost for real, or failing to find the place you’re looking for can make the trip far less enjoyable.

Natural landscapes don’t come with street addresses and rarely have signposts, so people practicing outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hiking and climbing often use GPS or UTM coordinates to find locations. These use complicated strings of numbers, which are prone to human error. Just confusing one number in a sequence could send a hiking trip miles off course, or direct a fisherman to a forest, instead of a lake.

Finnemarka.com is a Norwegian fishing website that provides detailed information on over 170 lakes, including license requirements, fish available and weather forecasts. The best fishing lakes are found way off the beaten track and can be hard to locate, so Finnemarka.com has partnered with what3words to give fishing enthusiasts an easy way to find them.

Each lake now has a 3 word address displayed on its online listing. Fishing enthusiasts need only search ‘cooking.admiral.backtrack’, for example, to find precise directions to Lake Langvann.

3 word addresses are easy to remember and share by phone, email or sms. A built-in error detection and autosuggest system means users can be sure they’ve entered the address correctly. And the whole system works offline, without a data connection, which is essential for trips to more remote areas.