Travellers and holidaymakers often struggle to locate their accommodation, particularly when they don’t speak the language or are new to an area. For hotels, this can mean disorientated guests who arrive stressed, tired and with a negative first impression.

Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) manages listings for tens of thousands of hotels. When a hotel updates its information on HDC, it is automatically updated across all the services they list on, for example, Booking.com or Expedia. To offer its clients a simple way of improving the customer experience, HDC has partnered with what3words and is adding 3 word addresses to listings of all its partner hotels.

Guests can now use what3words to navigate to their hotel easily, accurately and without running up expensive data charges. And to give non-native speakers a break, HDC supplies each guest with the hotel’s 3 word address in their own language, so they can easily find the hotel upon arrival in a new city. Many hotels will also be providing the 3 word addresses of their parking sites, valet service spots, and disabled entrances.

what3words eliminates the need for lengthy, complex directions to hotels. This is especially useful when travelling to more remote hotels that have entrances far from mapped roads, such as safari lodges. And when there are multiple hotels with similar names in one city, a 3 word address makes sure guests arrive at the correct location.