“A lot of locations are difficult for people to communicate because they don’t have an address: a picnic spot in the park, a water fountain, a bus stop and, for EV drivers, charging points which are dotted along the sides of roads and highways. Even though charging stations are becoming more common, it’s important for drivers to know exactly where they are so they can plan their routes accordingly and make sure they don’t run out of power mid-trip.

evway is an online map and app that displays 120,000 charging points across Europe, and provides useful information such as power, socket type, access modalities, and payment options. To help drivers find the stations easily, evway now also provides a 3 word address for every charging station.

what3words is an innovative addressing system that has given every 3m x 3m in the world a unique address made from three dictionary words. With 3 word addresses, evway users know exactly where to find charging stations and have a simple way to communicate their location to others.

Drivers can now input any 3 word address, including their current location, to look up nearby charging stations.This improves the customer experience as they previously had no way to search around their current location With evway and 3 word addresses, EV drivers know exactly where every charging station is, and can confidently plan longer trips with no fear of running out of power.