In both developed and developing markets, logistics companies and courier services waste time and money dealing with the consequences of imprecise addresses. YouGov found that 56% of UK delivery customers had experienced a problem with an online order in the last year, while a survey from Citizens Advice states that in 2015/16 consumers experienced 4.8 million delivery problems, spending 11.8 million hours trying to sort them out.

NetCourier is a logistics software solution developed by Metafour for courier and logistics companies. It’s a tool that helps manage the different steps of the delivery process, from online bookings and order management, to parcel tracking and proof of delivery. To give its clients – which include SwissPost, Addison Lee, Eurostar, and DX – greater control over the full delivery life-cycle, what3words’ innovative addressing system has been integrated into NetCourier.

what3words has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and has given each one a 3 word address, which means that everyone and everywhere in the world has a unique and very precise address NetCourier’s clients can now deliver to if they wish.

“what3words is a valuable addition to our courier software solution. Consumers’ expectations are extremely high, and to stay competitive delivery companies need to use all available technologies to reduce delayed and missed deliveries. Time and money spent on re-delivery due to inaccurate addressing is a major pain point for our courier customers. By building what3words into NetCourier, we can help solve this problem across the delivery industry,” said Ken Torr, Director at Metafour Ltd .

With a 3 word address, a doorway can be correctly identified on a busy inner-city road, and the entrance of a farm in the countryside can be accurately pinpointed. This makes the last mile of the delivery process much more efficient, and saves logistics companies time, money, and having to deal with unsatisfied customers.