what3words, the multi-award winning addressing system, and Quiqup, the London-based startup for on-demand logistics services, have today revealed the results of an exciting on-demand delivery experiment.

In a race across London, Quiqup couriers pitted 3 word addresses against traditional street addresses, as they completed 20 deliveries. Along the way we recorded their speed of pick-up, drop-off, number of calls made to customers and the ability to accurately predict delivery time for each one.

3 word addresses delivered faster, more efficiently and more predictably

On average, 3 word addresses more than halved the time taken to find each drop-off location and reduced the overall delivery time by an incredible 30% over the 20 deliveries. 3 word addresses also proved more predictable, reducing the variability of delivery time which could allow drivers to be reliably allocated to the next job before completing their current delivery.

The increased precision offered by 3 word addresses, which are accurate to a 3m x 3m square, also meant that the driver had no need to call the customers for directions, whilst the street address driver made seven phone calls throughout the day, costing time, money and providing a poorer customer experience. See the detailed results of the experiment here .

The last mile has been reported to contribute more than 50% of the total delivery cost, in a large part due to difficulties locating the correct delivery address or entrance. Couriers and logistics providers are aware that shaving just a couple of minutes off arrival times can save millions. what3words is an instant infrastructure, simple and easy to integrate, which can deliver the precision and efficiency required for successful on-demand logistics.

Read the full Quiqup delivery story and watch the film here