Swiftcomplete, the AI-enhanced autocomplete search and address matching technology has integrated what3words. Now when a Swiftcomplete address finder is added to an e-commerce checkout page, what3words can be easily enabled.

what3words has given every 3 metre square in the world a unique address made of 3 words. For example, ///filled.count.soap is the what3words address for the exact entrance for what3words’ London office.
When entering their address information, customers can type in the what3words address for the exact spot they would like their package delivered. They then select the street address associated with those three words from a drop down menu.

With Swiftcomplete and what3words, online retailers give customers a user-friendly way to specify their exact delivery location – alongside a traditional street address. Logistics partners can then deliver orders to the right place accurately and efficiently.

On the partnership, Chris Winfield, Swiftcomplete Founder said, “With what3words, we are becoming the most advanced AI-enhanced autocomplete search and address matching technology out there. We’re a forward-thinking company and our approach is to ignore the competition and existing solutions, and to instead focus on what can be achieved with the latest technology – what3words was the obvious next step in doing this. Being the first address verification technology to offer what3words as a standard feature is a really exciting way to make our tech easy to use and accessible to all.”

Chris Sheldrick, what3words Co-Founder and CEO added: “Swiftcomplete’s what3words integration is the most user-friendly way for online retailers to let their customers specify their precise delivery location. This will help to get orders to the right place first time, every time. Having what3words turned on as a standard feature means that the experience of entering your addressing information into an online addressing field and/or checkout page can be as smooth, simple and efficient as possible.”