Communicating location accurately on project sites is critical for operations to run efficiently. When stakeholders don’t know where to go, meetings are missed, productivity is slowed and projects get delayed.

This rings particularly true for construction sites, which typically don’t have addresses. To help haulage companies and site visitors find their way to – and around – project sites, the A14 Integrated Delivery Team has adopted what3words.

This team operates, maintains and improves England’s A14 road. They now save important locations on project site maps with their 3 word addresses, so that team members have no trouble navigating there.

“The Logistics Team has successfully incorporated what3words into the A14 App, providing a mapping guide for our supply chain partners to 67 registered sites,” said Pat Callan, Logistics Manager.
“In our office, we use the A14 what3words app daily when booking aggregate deliveries. For me especially, it’s really helpful with locations and setting up the addresses accurately for the jobs I book,” said Ami Craven, Assistant Sales Director for Mick George, a leading construction supplier.