what3words has been adopted as an addressing standard by Solomon Post. Solomon Islands, with 992 tropical islands is the second largest nation in the South Pacific region. Solomon Islands is now the sixth nation in the world, and the second in the South Pacific to adopt what3words’ innovative global addressing system.

Solomon Islands has no standardised addressing system, so receiving mail and packages is a challenge. They use Central PO boxes, which means that residents have to travel up to 95 km to pick up their mail, and high volumes of mail don’t reach their recipients, incurring extra costs for both Solomon Post and the wider community.

The Solomon Islands comprises of two 1,800 kilometre island chains. Earlier this year, Tonga, one of its neighbours, also adopted what3words. Both countries will use what3words’ precision addressing system to tackle the immense logistical challenges faced by island nations.

“The adoption of what3words is putting our residents and their homes on the map and equipping our team with the tools they need to provide a modern and reliable postal service. The opportunities for the local economy and community are endless,” said Solomon Post’s Deputy CEO, Alfred Ghemu.

By integrating what3words, Solomon Post is ensuring that every one of its 642,000 inhabitants finally has a reliable address to receive mail right to their front door.