According to the World Health Organisation, there are 285 million people around the world who are blind or visually impaired. Blindness can make everyday tasks like shopping and meeting friends very complicated, especially as street addressing is frequently inaccurate or even unavailable. By using what3words, the Seeing Assistant Move app helps people get to exactly where they need to be.

Getting from A to B

Transition Technologies builds applications to support visually impaired people in their day-to-day lives, both at home and at work. Based in Poland, they currently support tens of thousands of users worldwide.

Their app Seeing Assistant Move is designed to help people get from A to B, allowing them to plan a route and get frequent updates on their current location, whether they’re walking, travelling by car or taking public transport. However, with 75% of countries around the world suffering from poor or no addressing, they can’t always be sure the app is taking them to the right building, let alone exactly the right entrance.

Specific locations – even without an address

To combat this problem, Seeing Assistant Move has integrated what3words. Each unique 3m x 3m square defines a precise location, ensuring you’ll always get to the right place. 3 word addresses are also far more accurate than a postal address, and easier to remember, write and say than GPS coordinates. what3words provides a human-friendly way to talk about location, and is available in Polish.

By using what3words, individuals can get directions to a specific entrance of a building, exactly the right point along a busy street, or even to places with no addresses at all. By navigating to a 3 word address, people can find their friends in the park, or locate the right tent at a festival. Customers will also be able to benefit from voice recognition technology in the app, making it accessible to completely blind people.

With just 3 words, Seeing Assistant Move can bring even more benefits to all of its users. To learn more about the Seeing Assistant Move app, visit their website.