Without a precise addressing infrastructure, delivery and logistics become both challenging and costly. Every extra minute spent searching for a residential address, a pick up point or a specific location is time and money that will hit your bottom line.

We asked leading European e-commerce and logistics professionals attending this year’s DELIVER 2 conference in Berlin how address data affects their business. They delivered a unanimous verdict on the current state of addressing and what needs to change if they are to deliver continued business growth and customer satisfaction:

*Questions put to audience of 120 people at DELIVER 2 in Berlin, June 2017

3 words to shake up the logistics industry

what3words is helping hundreds of e-commerce and logistics partners drive business efficiencies and improve customer experience through more accurate addressing.

London-based couriers Quiqup recently pitted 3 word addresses against traditional street addresses in a timed delivery challenge. On average, 3 word addresses more than halved the time taken to find each drop-off location and reduced the overall delivery time by an incredible 30%. 3 word addresses also proved more predictable, reducing the variability of delivery time which could allow drivers to be reliably allocated to the next job before completing their current delivery.

As we continue to integrate new technologies into our daily lives, so the role of precise and reliable addressing becomes ever more important. what3words is an instant infrastructure, simple and easy to integrate, which can deliver the precision and efficiency required for successful on-demand logistics.