Zajil, one of the largest delivery companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has integrated what3words into its logistics system. Its e-commerce partners can now offer 3 word address input to shoppers, and customers using Zajil’s consumer-to-consumer service will be able to enter 3 word addresses for parcel pick-up and drop-off locations.

Zajil is the logistics and express arm of Kadi Group Holding, a closed joint stock company based in Dammam, and prides itself on great customer service. Unfortunately, unreliable addressing in the Kingdom often compromises the delivery experience.

When couriers can’t find a delivery location, they have to call customers for more details. Giving and receiving lengthy directions over the phone can be frustrating, particularly when customers are busy. For couriers, one delayed delivery impacts the following jobs and means more dissatisfied customers.

With precise 3 word addresses, drivers know exactly where to pick up and drop off packages and delivery routes can be optimised. Customers have an easy way to communicate exact locations to Zajil and receive the great service they expect.