Getting deliveries in Saudi is a hassle. Addresses are unreliable or nonexistent, and people rely on landmarks to give directions. When people order goods online, they’re counting on the ease and speed of the process, but often get stuck when they get to the address information part of the checkout process.

Avokado, an online fruit and vegetable subscription delivery service, has integrated what3words into its checkout process. Customers can now input the 3 word address for their front door when they check out and can rest assured that the delivery driver will find them without the need for a phone call or extra directions.

“At Avokado we’re committed to providing the smoothest and fastest consumer experience possible. Accepting 3 word addresses means our customers no longer need to direct our drivers over the phone, while also enabling us to efficiently plan and optimise delivery routes,” said Hatem Al-Harbi, co-founder of Avokado.

Saving time is essential as Avokado delivers perishable goods that are bought fresh from markets and local suppliers. Delays and failed deliveries are costly because the fruit and vegetable cannot be stored long term. With what3words, Avokado can improve delivery efficiency, save time, money, and make more deliveries per day. Finally, 3 word addresses decrease the company’s reliance on drivers with local knowledge and reduce the need for driver training.