Businesses that deliver to customers spend a lot of resources planning and carrying out these deliveries. When things go wrong, money is wasted and late or failed deliveries mean they risk losing customers.

Smart Routes is a route optimisation software developed in Cork, Ireland, that helps businesses complete deliveries in the most efficient way possible. It makes it very easy to plan, track and fulfil them in a cost-effective manner.

Precise destinations are critical for route optimisation to run effectively, but addresses in the Republic of Ireland aren’t reliable enough. There are no postcodes, and more than 40% of street addresses aren’t unique. Drivers spend a lot of time finding the right door, house or building, and inaccuracies undermine the optimisation of itineraries. With the number of e-commerce transactions rising by 32% in 2017 in Ireland, the issue of addressing is becoming increasingly pressing for businesses.

Smart Routes has integrated what3words into its system, allowing its business partners to use precise 3 word addresses to map their delivery routes. Customers can now enter 3 word addresses in their delivery information, which are then converted to GPS coordinates for route-optimised navigation. Deliveries are completed faster, businesses save time and fuel and customers get the best experience possible.