Delivery experience is increasingly a deciding factor for online shoppers, putting pressure on e-commerce companies to improve their services. To solve this problem, Ecoscooting, a European last-mile logistics company, has adopted what3words. With the largest fleet of delivery scooters in Spain, Ecoscooting works with e-retailers and online food ordering companies across the country to provide low cost, fast and on-time deliveries.

Ecoscooting’s e-commerce customers who integrate what3words will be able to provide details of any precise location – a delivery entrance, a pick-up point or a drop-off point, using three simple words. And with more precise delivery destinations, Ecoscooting couriers will be able to fulfill deliveries faster, anywhere. “With what3words, receiving deliveries on the go, to any location, is becoming a reality for Ecoscooting’s end-customers,” said Robain de Jong, CEO of Ecoscooting. “By providing more precise delivery locations with 3 word addresses, customers will receive a faster, easier and better delivery experience.”