Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn, unveiled a new permanent fixture for the entrance to the Deutsche Bahn HQ in Berlin: its own 3 word address. Visitors can now find the building’s front door by going to /// (or /// if they’re using the English version of what3words).

The glass entrance to the HQ building is now etched with its 3 word address:

Deutsche Bahn invested in what3words earlier this year, with the two companies working together on the future of logistics and transportation.

“what3words provides unprecedented precision and can give new impetus to mobility forms such as autonomous driving or drone deliveries. The accuracy and simplicity of the system are phenomenal, as is the growth and the innovative power of this young company,” Mr. Lutz explained.

“The range of applications for the business areas of Deutsche Bahn is also impressive. We see, among other things, the potential for increasing the quality and efficiency of global goods traffic. what3words can also be helpful for autonomous vehicles in public transport, which we are already testing and successively developing. Autonomous shuttles are an important part of the future, especially when we talk about smart cities.”

Learn more about using what3words in your business:

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