One of the greatest challenges faced by logistics companies around the world is imprecise addressing. When street addresses are entered into navigation systems and digital maps, a pin is dropped in the centre of a building or postcode area, leaving the delivery driver to find the final delivery location. They can’t identify a specific drop-off location on an industrial estate, or a particular delivery entrance of a large building with multiple entrances.

Searching for delivery points adds up to time lost and extra costs for e-commerce, delivery and logistics companies, but also creates a poor experience for customers and consignees, who are often called on by couriers to give lengthy directions to their location over the phone.

To solve this problem, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management company, LogixGRID, is adopting what3words. LogixGRID is a cloud-based platform that provides logistics and e-commerce companies with ERP, order management and delivery solutions.

LogixGRID has built what3words into its MATRIX application, which is used by logistics companies globally to manage their shipments. This means logistics companies are now able to accept 3 word addresses from their e-commerce clients, which they convert into GPS coordinates for route-optimised navigation, enabling them to complete each delivery faster and use less fuel.

With the precision of what3words, LogixGRID’s partners are making sure they meet their delivery promise. Accurate location information also removes the need for drivers to have local knowledge of the area, allowing companies to increase the flexibility of their workforce.

“We’re excited to incorporate what3words into our client service offering,” said Gurcharan Singh, Director and Founder at LogixGRID. “As we expand in markets like the GCC and East Africa where existing addressing infrastructure is especially challenging, it has become increasingly important to ensure people can easily and precisely communicate location”.