Mela is a Malta-based express courier company that provides last-mile delivery services through its fleet of scooters and vans.

For faster, more reliable deliveries and a smoother customer experience, the logistics company has integrated what3words. Now customers can specify exact pick-up and drop-off points by entering their 3 word address into the 3 word address field of each order creation page. This level of accuracy enables Mela.Biz to execute last mile deliveries faster and more efficiently – ensuring that customers receive their documents, packages and parcels at the time promised.

To help customers understand how its easy to identify the 3 word address of specific delivery locations, the order page links to this short explainer video:

‘Mela has built its reputation as an innovative, efficient and reliable courier and delivery service, working with both corporate and retail businesses. As part of our ongoing mission to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, we sought to find a solution that would allow us to speed up our deliveries by eliminating the time wasted by our couriers to locate recipient addresses’ said XYZ, ABC at Mela.

‘what3words brings the potential to significantly improve our efficiency, allowing couriers to reach the destination address seamlessly, even to the narrowest of roads and the remotest of locations within the island’,he added.

Mela is now working to extend the what3words integration into its food delivery platform, Mela.Delivery.

How did Mela integrate what3words?

To adopt what3words, Mela incorporated our API into its internal systems. You can find out more about our API here, or request access to an API key now.