Global logistics service provider GLS is working with what3words to offer its customers in Germany the option to specify a precise 3x3 metre square delivery location with an address made of just 3 words. Customers adding a what3words address at checkout, whose delivery is fulfilled by GLS, will be able to benefit from a more precise and accurate delivery following Bettermile’s integration of what3words’ technology.

what3words is revolutionising the way the world communicates location. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each of these 57 billion squares a unique address made of three random words– a what3words address. For example, ///filled.count.soap is the exact square marking the entrance to what3words’ London HQ. GLS Germany has integrated this technology to give customers the option to define an exact delivery location so parcels arrive exactly where customers want them. GLS is currently the largest parcel service in Germany to utilise the innovative address technology of what3words for shipping.

The “tricky” last mile

For optimal route planning, GLS uses Bettermile, a SaaS (software as a service) solution provider for the last mile. From Wednesday, 29 June, Bettermile now also incorporates what3words’ technology into its existing geocoding solution. Bettermile is thereby enhancing its service with an additional level of precision. It is not only GLS customers who will benefit from accurate address information, but everyone who schedules and delivers their orders with Bettermile.

Despite ongoing digitalisation and automation, delivering parcels still requires a great deal of work and time. For a positive shopping experience, it is vital that the first delivery is successful. Simple but precise specification of the delivery address is crucial to ensure parcels are delivered successfully on the first attempt. “It is for precisely this reason that we are very proud of our cooperation with what3words” , says Jascha Waffender, a Director at GLS Germany with responsibility for Marketing and Online Channels. We know how important it is that every process, no matter how small, is successful over the last mile. At the same time, we want to constantly expand our digital customer experience – our customers should enjoy a smooth parcel delivery process. With the partnership between GLS, Bettermile and what3words, we are driving forward secure and reliable delivery – guaranteed to be precise and to the right place.”

This means that for the first time in Germany, GLS customers can enter a what3words address during online checkout or on a physical delivery note on any order to optimise the parcel delivery over the last mile. GLS or Bettermile detects the code and can then accurately ship and deliver the order with just three words, whether it’s to a concealed letterbox, a concierge entrance, a side gate or the delivery entrance at a large warehouse. Simon Seeger, Managing Director of Bettermile, says: “Official addresses do not always specify the real delivery location. what3words enables Bettermile to collect further relevant information about delivery addresses and direct the delivery driver straight to the right door.”

One click, three words – no searching

what3words is used worldwide by logistics companies and in online shops during the check-out process in order to deliver goods exactly where they are needed. “ We look forward to working with GLS and are delighted by the increasing importance of what3words addresses in the CEP sector: with just three words, couriers know exactly where they have to go “, reports what3words co-founder Chris Sheldrick. The free app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices, works offline and is now available in 51 languages. what3words can also be used via the online map at what3words.com.