In Kigali, Rwanda, GroceWheels allows people to grocery shop online and have the items delivered straight to their door. This service saves them time and money, and is quickly taking off and expanding to new regions.

GroceWheels have integrated what3words to their systems to efficiently carry out their deliveries even when addresses are inaccurate or non-existent. With 3 word addresses, the users can easily communicate an exact delivery location and get their goods faster. The drivers fulfil their deliveries first time, every time, and the company saves time and money.


“GroceWheels is expanding to areas with no proper addressing and is starting to offer more services. what3words offers a system that everyone can understand and share, from our clients to our delivery drivers. With it, we can support our growth and make our business even more efficient without compromising on delivery quality,” said Gael Murara, founder and CEO of GroceWheels. “In the future, as we make plans to expand to the rest of Africa, what3words gives us the possibility to eventually have one command center that will organize and control the logistics part of our business, whether it is internal or outsourced.”