Gurtam is a leading GPS tracking software provider, specialising in real-time tracking, logistics and fleet management. Their solutions are used in 120 countries globally, including poorly addressed and remote regions. By integrating 3 word addresses into their Wialon software platform, Gurtam can enhance the reliability and accuracy of its addressing solution, anywhere on the planet.

The platform for positioning

Gurtam is a global leader in GPS-based fleet management and real-time asset tracking. Headquartered in Belarus, the company has developed Wialon, a benchmark software platform which provides real-time tracking via GPS satellite networks and location based services.

Organisations across 120 countries use Gurtam technology to enhance their business offering. From transporting raw materials to and from remote sites to shipments sailing in open water, and even individual employees operating in isolated areas, the Wialon platform can consistently monitor their position in real time.

Position vs location

Knowing a location is one thing. Understanding exactly where that position is, relative to a desired destination or a specific point on a map, is the real challenge. Gurtam uses advance cartographic services and address databases for the best possible accuracy. But when it comes to regions without cohesive addressing, or the world’s least accessible places, there’s always room for improvement.

Whilst longitude and latitude coordinates can pinpoint a point on the planet, they are complex and difficult to share between people. Errors in communicating or entering coordinates – even by just one digit – can send assets far off-course, resulting in lost time, missed deadlines and added expenses. In response, Gurtam has integrated what3words into its Wialon platform, as part of the software’s Address and Routing tools.

3 words for effective tracking

what3words defines points on the map down to a precise 3m x 3m square, with each one pre-allocated a 3 word address. Every address is unique and simple to recall and share. It’s already helping businesses identify everything, from a particular entrance door in a building complex to a specific drop-off point inside a vast mining site, via a transport route through an unpopulated region.

Using 3 word addresses is a more user-friendly and less error-prone way of identifying location than complex strings of numbers. It’s also a universal solution, meaning companies operating across borders no longer need to accommodate different national postal addressing systems when transporting goods from one country to another.

Instead, they can simply enter the 3 word address of their current location and the precise address of their destination, and Wialon will guide them there – with real-time tracking for the entire journey.