Rytle is a last mile logistics solution that has developed a fleet of electrically driven cargo bikes, Movrs, to provide a cleaner, more efficient urban delivery service in Germany. It has integrated what3words into its booking app, enabling customers to set precise pickup and drop-off locations easily with 3 word addresses.

Movrs bikes are narrow by design, and with 3 word addresses now drivers can navigate even more easily while avoiding busier, more congested zones. 3 word addresses will also help drivers to quickly access Hubs, Rytle’s mobile depots in central city locations, which don’t have street addresses.

‘The global nature of 3 word addresses (they are available in over 35 languages) will help Rytle to scale effectively and competitively as we launch more operations in the US and South East Asia’ said Ingo Luebs,  Rytle managing director.

How did Rytle integrate what3words?

To adopt what3words, Rytle incorporated our Public API into its internal systems. You can find out more about our simple to use API here, or request access to a free API key now.