Resgrid is a global cloud communications, management and logistics system for first responders, including firefighters, emergency medical technicians, disaster relief workers and more. It enables teams to add their personnel and resources in one place and to update statuses and actions, for example: available, responding or not responding.

One of the most important pieces of information to any first responder is location. It is also one of the most difficult pieces of information to communicate. To solve this problem, Resgrid has integrated what3words into their product suite.

what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It’s divided the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique 3 word address. The power of what3words is that it is global – available in over 26 languages – easy to remember and unique.


It is a simple way of communicating location with precision and allows first responders to get vital location information consistently regardless if they are in downtown New York City or in the African Sahara.

Initially, Resgrid are rolling out what3words into their Dispatch system, allowing dispatchers to create a call with a 3 word address and dispatch personnel to that location. After that initial rollout they will look to expand integration into their mobile apps – Responder, Unit and Incident Command – allowing for searching for a 3 word address, viewing address information and showing the 3m x 3m grid.

‘what3words is going to play an important part to our global addressing capability, in addition to it will Resgrid better support rural addressing and extend our location capability to areas not served well by Google, Microsoft and other mapping location providers’ said Shawn Jackson, Founder of Resgrid.