Source Supplies provide commercial cleaning and hygiene products and services to many different types of businesses including; schools, leisure centres, offices and care homes. Hundreds of deliveries they make each year are to places without specific addresses, making it difficult for drivers to find. With what3words integrated into their route planning systems, every delivery is straightforward.

Delivery problems

Since starting life as two guys working out of a shed, Source Supplies has gone from strength to strength, and is now a multi award-winning business. They provide bespoke solutions, delivering cleaning products to businesses all over the UK, and pride themselves on excellent customer service.

One problem that all delivery companies still face – even in countries with good addressing systems – is locating a specific building entrance or part of a building complex. Sometimes this entrance can be a mile away from where the postcode takes you. This is a particular problem with new customers, or when a driver is delivering to an unfamiliar place. In either case, customers still expect prompt delivery to the correct address.

Addressing a specific entrance

Now Source Supplies can use what3words to get to exactly where the client needs them. Each 3m x 3m square on the planet has been given a simple 3 word address. Drivers can use the Navmii app to locate the right entrance or area, without any clarifying phone calls or time wasted on the road.

Now, if a customer requires a delivery via a goods entrance, a 3 word address can specify that exact point. Going one step further, Source Hygiene can even find the 3 word address for a specific washroom that requires servicing, rather than the general address for the whole property.

Together, Source Supplies and what3words are delivering even better customer service. For more information on Source Supplies, visit the Source Supplies website.