Events can be difficult to find: most of them are one-offs and don’t have a permanent address, there may be more than one entrance to a venue, the location may not have a traditional address at all, or it may be hosted in a city that attendees are not familiar with.

Through Whatupintown, people can create native websites for their events. From athletics meetups to festivals, sorted by category, interests and location, events from all around the world can be created, hosted and discovered on the platform.


When creating a new event, Whatupintown users can now add a 3 word address to make sure guests find the exact location of their event, get there on time, and have a great experience. Guests simply type the 3 word address into the free what3words app to find the exact front door they need to go to. They can also use the apps’ functions to share a 3 word address with friends, or get directions through their preferred navigation app. The system is available in more than 25 languages so people can use their own language to identify locations, and works offline so they can find the right square even in areas with no mobile phone coverage.