Locus Map is one of the biggest outdoor navigation apps for Android. It provides maps for a wide range of activities around the world, from hiking to cycling to sailing. However, giving accurate location details for these places can be difficult and frustrating. To solve this problem, and meet customer demand, Locus Map has integrated what3words. Now it’s easy to navigate to any spot with a simple and memorable 3 word address.

Struggling with locations

Locus Map allows customers to download offline maps, find geocaches, track their routes, save parking spots, and many other functions. It’s the perfect app for anyone who loves exploring, whether they’re on foot, on a bike, or on a boat.

Yet, even with GPS, people struggle with locations. GPS coordinates are almost impossible to  remember and even more difficult to share with someone else. In areas that don’t have conventional addressing, trying to describe a place without any landmarks around it becomes a real challenge.

A new way of addressing

To combat this problem, Locus Map has integrated what3words. Every 3m x 3m square in the world now has a unique 3 word address. They’re far easier to remember and share than GPS coordinates, and much more accurate than conventional addressing. what3words is also available in a range of languages and works offline.

3 word addresses will now be searchable in the app, and it will recognise a 3 word address stored on the user’s clipboard. These features are precisely what makes what3words perfect for people using Locus Map, helping them to explore new places, get off the beaten track and embark on new adventures.

With Locus Map and what3words, people can get to wherever they want to be.