Marinas.com has the world’s most extensive database of marine locations, featuring low altitude, high-resolution aerial navigation photography of marinas, key inlets, detailed overviews of waterfront communities, bridges, locks, anchorages, lighthouses, along with other major nautical points of interest. Boat owners usually find these locations using GPS coordinates, but typing 16 digits correctly into an app, or reading them clearly over a radio is difficult. Mistakes are also hard to spot, and one number typed incorrectly, or misheard, could send a boat far off course before the error is realised.

Marinas.com has integrated what3words allowing users to view 3 word addresses for all marinas on its website, and also to search by entering a 3 word address into the search bar. 3 word addresses offer the accuracy of GPS coordinates but in a human-friendly and easy-to-communicate format. The 3 word address ///cartons.horsepower.cookers, for example, points to an anchorage at Tolchester Marina, Maryland. The system also has built-in error prevention, allowing users to be sure they’ve entered the correct address before they start navigating.

“Marinas.com’s mission is to help people get the most out of their boating experiences,” says John Nagro, Marinas.com CTO. “Working with what3words is a natural fit. Latitude and longitude can make even simple boating chores tricky, especially when using a radio. what3words makes it easy to navigate the fun stuff – like telling your friends where you’re rafting up for lunch or getting directions to your mooring for the night. Boating doesn’t have to be complicated and with what3words our boaters can get underway with less fuss and more fun.”