StreetDots is a digital marketplace that connects independent businesses in food, beverage and retail with the best flexible trading locations in different cities. Its network includes over 250 pitches -‘dots’ – found in vibrant, open spaces – outside stadiums, office complexes, business parks, high streets and university campuses.

StreetDots has integrated what3words into its bespoke mobile booking app to enhance the user experience. Every dot in the platform has been allocated a precise, human-friendly 3 word address. Now, users can seamlessly discover, book and access the trading locations they want, in just a few clicks.

As StreetDots plans to expand globally, accurate 3 word addresses, in multiple languages, will make it easier for traders to tell customers exactly where to find them, anywhere in the world.

Atholl Milton, COFounder says “We can trust that vendors are setting up in the correct locations thanks to what3words, which helps to direct our users to dots hassle-free.”

How did StreetDots integrate what3words

To adopt what3words, StreetDots incorporated our API into its internal systems. You can find out more about our API here, or request access to an API key now.