When you’re visiting somewhere for the first time, recommendations and reviews can make the difference between an ok trip, and an amazing one. But when you’ve decided which restaurant, hotel or attraction to visit, actually finding it can be tricky.

75% of countries struggles from inaccurate or unreliable addressing, making it hard for locals, let alone tourists to find destinations. Add to that the fact that you’re likely trying to find your way in a foreign language, and its not surprise that so many travellers spend a lot of their time lost, and asking for directions.

tripwolf is one of the world’s leading travel apps, providing over 10 million people worldwide with recommendations, reviews and top tips through 600 carefully researched city guides. The app also includes offline maps and a trip planner. tripwolf has adopted 3 word addresses to help its users find all the great places listed in its guides, first time, every time.

Every listing in the tripwolf app now has a 3 word address displayed alongside it. In London, for example, travellers can use ///crowd.runs.loved to find the Italian water gardens in Hyde Park, and visitors to Frankfurt will discover an upmarket café at ///shops.cleans.plots

3 word addresses are easy to share with friends, so travellers can easily share accurate locations and arrange to meet, even in countries and regions without reliable addressing. And as both tripwolf and what3words work offline, everyone can find their way without needing a data connection.