When you live in the city, you often end up going to all the same places, instead of discovering new ones. When your city is notoriously difficult to navigate, and is also the coldest capital in the world, this is especially true. Why wander around outside searching for a new bar, when you could already be sipping a pint in one you already know?

Ulaanbaatar Passport encourages local people to explore more of the Mongolian capital. It’s a pocket-sized guide to Ulaanbaatar’s best cafes, bars and restaurants, with exclusive deals and discounts for each location. Designed to resemble an actual passport, each page represents a ‘visa’ to a different handpicked bar, which passport-holders present to redeem their discount and receive a stamp.

Ulaanbaatar has few street names, and no consistent numbering system. The lack of structure means it’s hard to tell where one street ends and a new one begins, and most people get around by referring to landmarks around the city. This is particularly difficult at night, and only gets people to a rough area, rather than a specific place or entrance.

Ulaanbaatar Passport now displays a 3 word address for every listing. These are accurate to 3m x 3m, directing passport-holders directly to the entrance of the place they’re looking for. More people exploring the city means local businesses get a welcome boost, and a night out in Ulaanbaatar is now a more comfortable experience, with no need to wander around in sub-zero temperatures searching for a particular bar or restaurant.