Airbnb superhosts Casa Silas have been welcoming guests to the city since 2008. Situated in the historic centre, the house is a stone’s throw from Granada’s popular market, where vendors come to sell fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meats.

Nicaragua has a unique address system. Instead of using street names, locals have traditionally used reference points from where they start to describe a certain address. It’s a system that Nicaraguans are proud of, but it presents challenges to foreign visitors.

Casa Silas are using the what3words addressing system to make it easier for guests to find them. It means that on arrival in Granada, guests can enter the 3 word address of Casa Silas into the free what3words app, and they’ll get directions straight to the front door. The app even works offline, helping users avoid expensive overseas roaming charges.

3 words to unearth hidden gems

For the travel and tourism industries, effectively communicating location is essential. If you can’t tell people where to find you then you simply can’t run your business. With so much of the world waiting to be explored, and yet most of it also unaddressed, finding your slice of paradise can be a challenge.

With what3words, holiday destinations are now easier for people to find and share. Travel agencies, tourism boards and rental accommodation can also display accurate and useful 3 word address details to help customers plan their trips. what3words is both precise and incredibly simple to use. And it means everyone and everywhere now has an address.