For anyone trekking around Poland’s national parks, Appen’s guides and maps are indispensable. However, describing exact locations especially in open spaces can be very difficult. Appen have overcome this problem by integrating what3words, providing Polish 3 word addresses for every 3m x 3m square in the world.

Losing the way

Appen provides online maps with trekking routes for Poland’s national parks, as well as printed guides to local tourist attractions. Their thousands of users can choose between maps covering many beautiful areas of the country.

However, finding the right trek route or locating a historical building can be difficult when there are no addresses, or where the street addressing is inaccurate. People often get lost or waste time trying to find their friends.

Finding remote landmarks

In response, Appen has integrated what3words. Online maps can now show the 3 word address for every point along a walking route, and for every landmark. Far more accurate than street addressing and easier to transcribe and remember than GPS coordinates, what3words offers a human-friendly way to remember precise locations.

Trekkers and tourists can now plan their route on Appen’s online map, and find the exact 3 word address for points of interest along the way. Once they are out on their trip, they can use what3words in apps such as PocketEarth to find each location. As both PocketEarth and the what3words app also work offline, they can be sure of reaching their destination even without a data connection.

Using what3words and Appen, people can easily navigate Poland’s most beautiful sites.