Gulf News, the UAE’s biggest newspaper, has recently relaunched its online classified ads section. The redesigned platform, getthat.com, allows people to find jobs and applicants, buy and sell property, cars, household items, and services directly from other people. It has integrated new features to make buying and selling easier for users.

While the first contact between buyer and seller happens online, the next step usually involves them meeting to exchange goods or services, or to view a property or car.

In order to meet, one of them has to share an address. But addresses in the UAE are unreliable; the country is experiencing rapid growth and development, with streets constantly being built, merged, and split up. A lot of people and businesses rely on descriptive directions and landmarks to let others know where they are.


To make it easy for sellers to share their location, and for buyers to find that location easily, getthat is using what3words, an innovative new addressing system that has given every 3m x 3m in the world a unique address made from 3 dictionary words.

People can now post property ads that include 3 word addresses. Prospective buyers wishing to visit the property can enter the listed 3 word address into the free what3words app or online map, see exactly where the seller is, and get directions to that precise location through their preferred navigation app.