D&D London is a group of luxury restaurants, bars and hotels based principally in London, but also with venues in Paris, New York and Tokyo. Now every D&D restaurant displays its 3 word address on its website to make sure diners find their way there easily. Trendy dining and live music venue 100 Wardour St. for example, can be found at ///guilty.groom.trail

Diners simply enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find the precise location, and with one tap they can get directions to the 3 word address using Citymapper, Google Maps or another favourite navigation app.

And with Mercedes-Benz soon to launch the world’s first car with built-in what3words voice navigation, diners will be able to say ‘Take me to guilty groom trail’ to navigate to the 100 Wardour St. front entrance.