If you’ve ever attended an outdoor festival, you’ll have quickly realised how easy it is to lose friends or miss a gig, because you couldn’t find your way.

Getting lost is an unfortunate norm of the festival experience. Signage can be inadequate and phone service poor, which can often make or break an evening. To save festival-goers’ time, energy and frustration, Littlegig, a two-day music festival just outside of Cape Town, partnered with what3words.

Littlegig labelled all sites of importance around their festival with 3 word addresses. The festival entrance was located at ///zone.nipped.unless, and the info booth at ///fried.once.jockeys

To navigate to a certain stage, food station or toilet, people could simply type its 3 word address into the free what3words app and tap ‘Get Directions’ to navigate there with their preferred navigation app, such as Google Maps, Navmii or Waze.

By noting the unique 3 word address for their tent, campers could avoid trekking around the field, lost in a sea of identical tents. This was a welcome relief for many, who no longer had to direct their friends by saying something like ‘walk past the food stalls, turn right at the oak tree and find the eleventh tent in the second row’.

With the what3words app in hand, festival-goers were able to find everywhere on the festival site easily, and getting lost or separated from friends became a thing of the past, surpassing the need to ask a DJ to announce their location to the entire festival.

See more of Littlegig on their Instagram or find out more about what3words.

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